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Settle payments almost instantly

Existing cross border payment services are fragmented and inefficient resulting in high costs and long settlement times for consumers and businesses. Legacy technology is unable to move past outdated compliance processes to keep up with rapidly evolving regulatory needs for modern day payments solutions.

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Settle payments almost instantly

  • Grapes' core mission is to provide Canadian customers (individuals, merchants and other partners) with a platform to tap into blockchain infrastructure and move money via the internet. Grapes leverages digital asset rails to create solutions that simply can’t be matched by traditional financial services. Grapes offers users a powerful portal for treasury management services including FX, custody, global payments and selected access to yield and credit all built on blockchain rails
  • Grapes provides the leading cross-border payment solution in a highly secure, compliant and low-cost pathway. Canadian users can utilize Grapes to leverage instant settlements and payment facilitations directly to their bank accounts or digital wallets without 3rd party intermediaries and extraneous FX and on/off ramp costs

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Settle payments almost instantly and scale your business. Grapes is your gateway to the new world of dollar digital currency, offering unparalleled transaction speed, global interconnectivity and transparency in fiat and digital assets and transparency into your transaction flows.

Easily on ramp to digital

currencies compliantly

Bridge from traditional money to digital currencies seamlessly via any payment method. Grapes offers a secure, no or low fee method of purchasing QCAD, USDC and other digital currencies with the Canadian dollar.

Instant and at a

fraction of the cost

No more waiting to finalize a transaction and withdraw cash. Grapes makes the concept of settlement times obsolete with payments that can circle the globe and land in your account faster than an email. Stop waiting weeks and paying 7% fees to send money globally. Grapes leverages on-chain FX providers to convert currencies at a cost of basis points – not percentages.

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October 19, 2022

International Air Transport Association (IATA) hackathon is starting! Team Mavennet is focusing on airfreight environmental footprint.

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March 31, 2023

17 Partners, 7 Countries, one goal: DLT technology interoperability. our 3-year I-DELTA Project journey wraps up!

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April 27, 2022

Great workshop today by Mahmoud A. from Mavennet and Nis Jespersen from Transmute on the supply chain

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