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Digitalizing Energy Assets

Digitalizing energy assets, transforming the energy value chain, providing a secure, holistic view by breaking down data silos, capturing digitally cross-company interactions, thereby creating a digital passport for energy assets.



Cross-border oil shipments gets disputed



Back office costs spent on documentation and information exchange



Potential for annual reduction in G&A costs

Trusted Data Exchange for Energy

Neoflow is a platform accessible by industry, border control agencies and relevant government entities. Neoflow tracks key value chain events, while digitizing relevant documentation such as delivery tickets, Bills of Lading and Certificates of Origin

  • Provable product traceability
  • Faster custom clearance
  • Proof of origination
  • Proof of environmental impact

Digital Border


A standardized product lifecycle, updated in real-time establishes a trusted digital history of ownership, origin and details of events.



Regulatory reporting processes are automated, by providing a common and standard framework for data exchange. Regulatory compliance is automated.

Contract and

payment automation

Neoflow's underlying blockchain technology brings transparency and reduction in friction to value chain transactions, enabling fully automated settlement and audit of commercial transactions.

Key Features

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Learn More About Mavennet

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April 27, 2022

Great workshop today by Mahmoud A. from Mavennet and Nis Jespersen from Transmute on the supply chain

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November 28, 2022

Our CEO, Patrick Mandic addressed the Canadian House of Commons' Standing Science and Technology Committee

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September 12, 2022

We have landed in Vancouver for the W3C #TPAC 2022. Looking forward to the sessions and reconnecting!

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