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Metaltrail: The Future of the Steel Supply Chain

Project Aim

The project aims to increase the steel industry’s supply chain efficiency and product quality, and reduce fraud and counterfeiting.

Our Solution

Leveraging IoT sensors and AI technology, the team developed a platform to enable the steel industry to digitally trace steel products across the supply chain. The project entails a collaboration between the Canadian Federal Government, providing regulatory expertise, and the steel industry, ensuring practicality, effectiveness, and scalability.

First of its kind

Developed to enable the steel industry and border control agencies to share verifiable information using verifiable credentials.

End to end traceability

A standardized product lifecycle, updated in real-time establishes a trusted digital history of ownership, origin, environmental impact and details of events.

Digital documentation

Metaltrail transforms the documentation process in the steel industry by digitizing delivery tickets, Bills of Lading and Certificates of Origin.


Effortless integration with legacy systems, streamlining the incorporation process without disruptions.

Our Impact

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