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Grapes: Settle Payments Instantly

Project Aim

The project aims to provide individuals and businesses with a platform to tap into blockchain infrastructure and move assets via the internet.

Our Solution

Grapes leverages digital asset rails to create solutions that simply can’t be matched by traditional financial services, offering users a powerful portal for treasury management services including FX, custody, global payments and selected access to yield and credit.

Cross-border payment

Grapes provides the leading cross-border payment solution in a highly secure and compliant pathway, without 3rd party intermediaries and extraneous FX and on/off ramp costs.

Instant settlement

Grapes offers unparalleled transaction speed, global interconnectivity and transparency in fiat and digital assets and transparency.

Onramp seamlessly

Bridge from traditional money to digital currencies such as QCAD, USDC and other digital currencies seamlessly via any payment method.

Cost Effective

Grapes leverages on-chain FX providers to convert currencies at a cost of basis points – not percentages.

Our Impact

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