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Project Aim

To enable self-sovereign, portable and decentralized identity (DID) for the Stellar ecosystem.

Our Solution

We built DID:STLLR on Soroban, Stellar’s smart contract platform:

  • based on the widely-accepted W3C DID Standard.
  • to provide utility to ANY Stellar project that requires identity​.
  • enabling any W3C compliant DID implementation to verify DID:STLLR Verifiable Credentials.
  • relying on Soroban, Stellar’s Smart contract network, to implement DID Document and DID resolution.

New DID method

DID:STLLR has become a DID Method, similar to DID:ETHR, DID:SOV, DID:BTCR, DID:WEB etc.​

W3C-level standardized

Anyone can resolve an ID to Stellar using a universal DID method resolver​.

Open-source integration

DID:STLLR can be used to enterprise features such as portable self-sovereign identity, KYC, data privacy, and user-driven data monetization.

Implementable by ID projects

Stellar can now be applied by other identity projects, Including our own energy traceability project, Neoflow.

Our Impact

Why DIDs?

Empowerment through Ownership

DIDs provide individuals control over their data, offering significance for immigrants and vulnerable populations.

Eliminating Trust Costs

DIDs revolutionize trust verification, making processes like credential checks for new hires efficient and cost-effective, eliminating the need for extensive validation efforts.

Privacy and Security

With DIDs, privacy takes center stage. Individuals can now share information selectively, while robust security protocols counter identity theft, creating a resilient digital space.

Unlock Interoperability

DIDs enable interoperability, breaking down silos across platforms. Applications like Neoflow showcase this potential, collaborating with government entities for traceability and innovation in areas like energy supply chains.

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